Tìm lỗi sai

  1. Hardly do a day pass without my writing to him.
  2. As soon as the next lecture will endlet’s leave.
  3. Although his leg was broke, he managed to get out of the train himself.
  4. Most children and adults go to the cinema, that is a very attractive place.
  5. Savage was too selfish for helping anyone though he was very rich.
  6. This is such a good tea that I think I’ll have another cup.
  7. There comes my bus! I must go now. Don’t forget giving, me a call.
  8.  I have a lot of work to doI wish I have more time.
  9. The students had thought that the English test was very difficulty
  10. As soon as he will come back from his office, tell him to see me.
  11. Our main factory can be found in Nguyen Du street in HCM city.
  12. Because there are less members present tonight than there were last night , we must wait until the next meeting to vote.
  13. Tom is particularly fond of cooking, and he often cooks really delicious meals.
  14.  The progress made in space travel for the early 1960s is remarkable.
  15. She has not rarely missed a play or concert since she was 18 years old .
  16. They have not decided how to deal with the new problems already.
  17. There was a very interesting new on the radio this evening about the match
  18. The teacher had already given the homework when he had remembered that Friday was a holiday.
  19. Having been beaten by the police for striking an officer , the man will cry out in pain
  20. This man is not strong enough to lift it and that one isn’t neither.

~ bởi Coffee Heart trên Tháng Bảy 19, 2011.

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